CD Recycling

Because Portfolio is a Columbus Green Spot we wanted to find more ways to be green. We decided to recycle some CDs we had around the office, and added even more CDs with the help of the community on Portfolio's Earth Day Event.  We currently have a total of 134 CDs that will be shipped off to GreenDisk! GreenDisk will destroy the contents of the CDs (and many other technological materials) and then dispose of them in an environmentally responsible manner. Did you also know that CD cases are recyclable? Those you can recycle locally, just be sure to double check that your city accepts that type of plastic.

Yellow Pages Goes Green

Every time a new big fat phone book lands on my doorstep I think what a waste of time, energy and money it was. Seriously, they never even make it into the house, just go straight into the recycling bin. If I need something I look it up online. With apologies to the companies who use yellow pages ads; I totally understand that it's a great way to reach people, but you're not reaching me anyway. If you like the phone books then by all means continue to get them, this is not to make you feel guilty about the convenience of that handy book of information. But if you don't use it, Yellow Pages Goes Green allows you to opt out of the delivery list.