love your job

How To Love Your Job (or at least make the most of it)

By Catherine Lang-Cline

Believe it or not, many, many people do love their job. The stars aligned and they found their calling in the field that they love with the team that works wonderfully together. It is actually possible that you can achieve this, too. It may require a few adjustments or it may require you getting what you need right now and then strategizing for your next move.

If you already love your job with no issues, congratulations! You are one of the lucky few and you may be able to guide others in making it a great job for them, too. Bear in mind, you can’t fix everyone and some people are just in the wrong place but you may be able to help. If you see coworkers struggling maybe offer them some thoughts on why you love your job. Maybe it is the flexibility or the opportunity. Sometimes it is a conversation about how what you do is helping people.

If you love your job except for maybe just one person that is also employed there, you might have to dig deep and be direct. Sometimes having a conversation with a person can fix a lot of things. If someone talks over you, constantly is late, is never accountable, etc., you will get better results if you approach that person and tell them how their action makes you feel or how it affects the team. The idea of this is not to lecture them, but rather see the results of their action. Going to HR could be a choice if you feel that it is beyond what you can handle but sometimes people are not self-aware and if a few small things can be rectified, you might have a little more love for your workplace.

Finally, you might just not be in the right place. The culture of the company may not match yours or the work style or the people. You can make the most of your situation by transferring to a new area or figuring out what you can add to your skill sets at this job to prepare you for the next. Can you take on new responsibilities? Can you work on leadership skills? Can you learn some new software or skill that might expand your career? It will definitely help the company you're currently working for and you all may like this change. You could possibly love your job! If all of that does not work, you have set the stage for the next step in your career. Don’t forget while you have a job you can work on passion projects or activities outside of work that can lead you in a new direction.

The point is if you are not in love with your job:

  1. Talk to someone at the company that is and find out why

  2. See if you can change things in your environment, you may need to speak up,

  3. Start looking at opportunities within the company to make a change or gather more experience for the next step in your career.

You spend more time at work than at home or with your family. You might as well spend that time at a place you like going to and being with people you like.

Spreading The Love

By Catherine Lang-Cline

We go through our lives doing the same thing every day. We wake up, we eat, we go to work, we hang out with family and friends, we go to bed, and restart the next day the same way. A normal life can be a lovely thing. Sometimes we want something more. Sometimes we wish we could make some sort of difference outside of the walls of our home, our work, wherever our life is taking place. 

Let’s say that the best thing about your job is that it can pay your bills. You are not the only one that feels that way. What if you could escape that job and the daily march of your day and do something that touches your soul and warms your heart, maybe something that changes a life or changes the world around you. One of the best ways to achieve that "difference" is to volunteer or join groups that match your passion or a group that can appreciate and use your talents. Spread the love! 

Let’s start simple. Maybe your head sings when you read? Head to the library or bookstore and browse. Don’t leave without picking up something. Maybe to are ready to join a book club that will hold you accountable? Do you love knitting or racing or back in the day you used to camp more? Find ways to find that love again. Sure, it can sometimes feel ridiculous or someone may try and talk you out of it, but this what YOU need to show YOU that you love YOU. Who cares if you are the only 40-year-old on the dance floor? You love to dance!

Let’s take it even further. Let’s say that you want to make a difference in politics, in helping the disadvantaged, maybe there is a disease that has affected you or a family member. There are many, many groups out there that you can join or volunteer to help in their mission. I love small business, mentoring women, and the arts just to name a few. As a result, I have joined boards, given donations, offered my talents, and ran a few races in support of these groups. Sharing that love with these groups has in return, filled my soul. A full soul is telling yourself that you are loved. The bonus is that you love and passion are now helping others feel loved.

There are many ways to spread the love, you might have a talent for accounting or design or organizing things. Not everyone does, so you would be a godsend to many groups. Ask what they need, ask how you can help. You might simply find yourself in a soup kitchen lending a hand. You will never understand how your hand is making a difference in someone else’s life.

People that read might feel lonely if they can’t talk about the book.
People that run or race would love to have someone keep them accountable.
People in need can use so much of everything.
Find your people and spread the love.

FISH! Philosophy

I just finished reading a classic business book entitled FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results. It's a fictional book, but describes the philosophy of the people at the World famous Pike Place Fish Market. This fish market is not an ordinary fish market thanks to the fish mongers that work there.  They changed their attitude about their work and have in effect made their wet, cold, smelly, and slippery market into a place of entertainment and joy for customers.  Now if these guys can do that, so can you! Whether you are in a job that you don't necessarily enjoy, but it is one that you need, or you do not have a job and need some direction, the "fish guys" have words of wisdom for you. The Fish philosophy is about enjoyment on the job, how to get the most out of your job, and how to bring energy to the workplace.  How do you achieve this?
  1. Choose your attitude - this may be an overused phrase, but it's true, give it a shot one day and see how things go.  Wake up and say, "Today I will be _________" fill in the blank (successful, helpful, hopeful).
  2. Be engaged and live in the present.
  3. Make "Their" day.  To make someone's day will make you feel good and help you realize the impact each and every one of us can have on another person.  We are all so very connected if you take the time to notice.
"There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself," (FISH!, S. Lundin, H. Paul, & J. Christensen) And someday, you may have a choice about the work itself if you stick to this philosophy.  If you are one of the lucky ones who isn't stuck on a job, take the time to think about what you would love to do and in what job you could be engaged, in the present, and able to make someone's day everyday.