A Day in the Life: Q+A with Annie Doherty

In the latest installment of our Columbus Creatives: A Day in the Life series, we talk with Annie Doherty, who works in Marketing Production at Abercrombie & Fitch , going jeeping, and finding good Happy Hours in Columbus. 


Hey! I'm Annie Doherty - a print nerd and paper enthusiast by day, and modern calligrapher by night. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio- graduated from OSU with an English degree, with a focus on creative writing. Somehow, I jumped into the print industry right out of college and have loved it since. I started in a print shop in Westerville, Ohio learning the ins and outs of printing. Since then, I have worked in Marketing Production at LBrands, Nationwide, and now currently Abercrombie & Fitch. When I'm not at work, I am either in my studio, out getting muddy in my jeep, or binge-watching Netflix. My husband and I eloped in October 2018 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC. We love to go on adventures and thought, why not get married on a mountaintop and surprise everyone?! We live in Grandview and can often be found at Knotty Pine since it's a short walk away. 


I am NOT a morning person until I've had my coffee. People laugh if I show them the number of alarms on my phone because it takes so much effort for me to get my day started! I'm usually running late but refuse to leave without making a giant cup of coffee. Breakfast is usually a quick yogurt or a handful of lucky charms. On the weekends, my husband will graciously bring me coffee in bed before he starts his day. (I know I am very lucky that he does this- but he also knows I may never get out of bed without it!) You can also usually find us brunchin' at Knotty Pine on the weekends (if we're not out camping or jeeping!). They have a killer $5 Bloody Mary bar and $2 mimosas! Can't beat that!



My afternoons are typical since I work in an office, but my team makes an effort to always take a lunch break. It's easy to get swept up in the craziness of retail marketing - but so important to make sure you're eating and letting yourself recharge for rest of the day. That said, my lunches are usually whatever I can throw together when I'm running late for work in the morning. I'm (unfortunately) gluten-free, so I can't always depend on buying food in the cafeteria at work. Plus, I'm super cheap! My most common lunches are gluten-free corn dogs or gluten-free waffles with peanut butter. I know, you're jealous. 


Afterwork, I try to get in a quick workout before dinner. I try hard to cook, but I also LOVE finding good happy hours in Columbus. I'm that person you text when you're looking for the best deal of the day. After food, I get to work in my studio. I was able to turn our third bedroom into an art studio where I do my hand lettering, artwork, and writing. I'm currently in the middle of my second 100 Day project which means I'm definitely spending time in the studio every night. Working in my studio is my biggest tool for fighting my depression and anxiety!

However, If I really have no desire to cook and can quickly get my side hustle work done, my typical evening deals week would look like this:
Monday - Woodlands Tavern for Monday Funday
Tuesday - tacos at Local Cantina
Wednesday - pizza happy hour at an undisclosed location (can't give away all my best secrets!!)
Thursday - $5 tank nachos at Ethyl & Tank
And still looking for a good Friday night deal! 

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A Day in the Life: Q+A with Emma Deane

In the latest installment of our Columbus Creatives: A Day in the Life series, we talk with Emma Deane, a Copywriter at Abbott Nutrition.


My name is Emma Deane and I live in Grandview with my husband, Stephen, and our hound dog, Billie — who we rescued from Pets Without Parents in Clintonville. Stephen — who is Payroll Manager at Nationwide — and I are newly married and approaching our one-year anniversary on April 22, 2018. 

I grew up in Lisbon, Ohio and moved to Columbus in 2008 to attend The Ohio State University. I graduated from OSU in 2012 with a bachelor’s in Strategic Communication. I started my career with Nationwide and then moved on to OhioHealth and Cement Marketing before landing on my current role with Abbott in February 2016. A copywriter, I work on the Pedialyte brand writing for social media, website, digital ads and campaign ideation. Social media being my favorite. (We recently won a Silver in the Direct Marketing, 3D/Mixed – Single Unit category at last week’s Addys.) 

I visited Europe for the first time this past November. With my best friend, we hit Glasgow, Edinburgh, Paris, and London in 8 days. Edinburgh and Paris were my favorites!


My mornings consist of me smashing the snooze button — not really a morning person. My commute to work is fueled by whatever music I’m feeling at the time — currently Khalid, Post Malone, and Lorde, in preparation for her concert on March 31 — or podcasts (My Favorite Murder and Lore).



My afternoons change week to week but mainly consist of writing assignments or meetings. My office consists of community music, a “Stranger Things alphabet” wall and a windowsill full of plants. 


My evenings change week to week as well. I typically come home to cook dinner for my husband and I. Cooking is one of my biggest passions — I’ve been cooking since I was 12 and find it to be a great stress reliever and creative outlet. 

I generally grab drinks throughout the week with friends or coworkers. My favorite watering holes are St. James Tavern, Oddfellow’s and Meisters. I’m a big fan of local craft beer, namely CBC IPA, Land Grant Stiff Arm, Seventh Son Humulus Nimbus and Great Lakes Burning River.

In the summers I play sand volleyball at Woodlands Backyard one to two times a week. I’m a big sports fan, all Ohio teams: Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Ohio State Buckeyes and Columbus Crew. Other hobbies include reading or catching flicks at Grandview Theater. The best thing I’ve seen recently is Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

I’m not an official member of any local groups, etc., but I’m a big proponent for women’s rights locally and nationally. Empowering women and educating men in this regard is very important to me. 

Any other time is spent working on freelance projects.