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Meet Our Team Series: Co-Creator, Catherine Lang-Cline

In the latest installment of our Meet Our Team series, we talk with one of our Co-Creators, Catherine Lang-Cline. Catherine is one of our fearless leaders who enjoys karaoke sessions in the car with her daughter, traveling, and being involved in the Columbus community.


Hi, I’m Catherine Lang-Cline and I am President and Co-Creator of Portfolio Creative. My journey into this business starts with a fine arts degree from Northern Illinois University. Illinois was where I grew up and started my career as a graphic artist. The fates delivered me to Columbus, Ohio, where my first job here was as a freelancer with Bath & Body Works. This is where I eventually met Kristen Harris, my business partner. After a number of years of working with LBrands, and in my case, freelancing around town, we conjured up the idea to help the creative community find creative people easier and from people that understood the business. Currently, I live in Upper Arlington with my husband and daughter, mostly because I found a post-modern ranch that desperately needed me to save it.



I’d love to say that my mornings start out very leisurely, but it is typically a march of packing lunches, getting dressed, and getting hair done. My daughter and I have a lot of hair. Amp that up even more if I need to get to a board meeting or client meeting first thing in the morning. In the background at my house, you can either hear NPR or The Amazing World of Gumball, because my daughter is obsessed with Gumball. Car rides to camp or school can sometimes be impromptu karaoke sessions. Everything typically runs fairly smooth because I have it timed pretty well but if one thing upsets the schedule, we have a scramble on our hands. Weekends are much more leisurely, as I get to sleep in and then exercise my past-life experience of working at a pancake house to whip up something special.


My work day is all day because it is life, not life balance, you piece together all of it in any way that works. Some of that discipline comes from owning a business. Some of that comes from me loving what I do. Sometimes you leave work at 4 PM knowing that you will be back on the computer after homework is done and everyone is tucked in. I love keeping it flexible and attacking things when you are up for the task, it’s just more effective. I also love jamming as much as I can in my day then getting home exhausted. It feels like I have accomplished something.



My hobbies are working on boards. I know that sounds weird but that is where I spend a lot of my spare time and I love it. I love that Columbus has accepted this business so openly and with that, I want to give back in return. I serve on the board for the Greater Columbus Arts Council so evenings involve attending events that support artists in the community. I also serve as the Past-President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Columbus Chapter, because mentoring and supporting peers is very important to me. Then I also serve on the board for the Columbus Chamber of Commerce because if you want to get things done, you have to know the right people. With that said, every single one of these groups are amazing to work with. They all feed my soul and hopefully, I can help the community in return.


Other hobbies include a range of things including raising an awesome daughter, painting, travel, and reading. I used to have a full-on motorcycle that I rode all over the country but stopped riding when texting and driving became popular, so traded that in for a Vespa, which is still fun, but at much slower speeds. I treasure experiences over things, so the more I do for the community, my family, and myself, the happier I am.

NAWBO Visionary Awards

We had the amazing experience of being honored as finalists for the Visionary Award, and being featured in a fantastic event at the Westin Southern on Thursday. To have National Association of Women Business Owners Columbus members and board consider us as Visionaries is truly humbling. The list of previous award winners is a who's who of business owners in the Central Ohio area, and we'd love to be included on it. Unfortunately this was not our year, but we'll be back! The award went to Shaune Skinner of ACS Group, and was very well-deserved. She's a strong and experienced businesswoman who has created change both in her industry and her community. We're thrilled to know her, and truly respect everything she has done both personally and professionally. Since it's like the Academy Awards, in that you don't expect to win but have to be prepared in case you do, we'll share the thoughts we had about the experience here.. We were very honored to be considered Women of Vision. Which got me thinking about what being a Visionary really means. According to the dictionary, a Visionary is “a person who is given to audacious, highly speculative, or impractical ideas or schemes; a dreamer.” That sounds pretty flighty, but let’s dig a little deeper. There certainly IS some truth here. Visionaries DO have audacious ideas and schemes, we ARE dreamers. We’re the people that say “what if” and “why not” about every crazy idea that comes our way.  We’re always coming up with ideas about how something could be better, faster, smarter, easier or cheaper. And just because an idea may seem impractical at first, that doesn’t stop us from pursuing it…just to see where it might end up. But there’s more to it than that. Being a Visionary is not just dreaming and coming up with ideas. It’s figuring out which ideas might really work, and pursuing them. Everyone has the opportunity to be a Visionary, whether you’re a business owner, an employee, a volunteer, or a student. Everywhere you go there are spaces for something new, or opportunities to make something better. When you have one of those ideas, think about it. Dream a little. Speculate. Ask “what if.” When you find the right opportunity for you, and decide to take action…that’s when you’ll find your own inner Vision. Because a Visionary may dream, speculate and scheme…but TRUE Visionaries take action and make a difference. --Kristen. ___________________ NAWBO has been such a wonderful help to us in achieving our goals. We joined NAWBO the very first year we opened our business. As a matter of fact, we were recruited immediately to work on the communications committee. Initially, we thought it would be a great place to network and find people that could use our services. But what we did get is something so much more valuable. We got to know fellow women business owners. Women that understand every facet of what we go through in a day. Women that understand the life balance, the demands, the problems of being a female business owner. We have developed relationships that will last a life time. With every problem we had starting our business, there was another member that has already gone through it and they were very willing to share how they got through it. And now we can do the same with other women trying to start a business. For us, NAWBO has been a sisterhood of experience, a resource for a great education and an opportunity for us to own more then our business, but an opportunity to own our future. -- Catherine

Portfolio owners nominated for 2009 NAWBO Visionary Award

Portfolio co-owners Kristen Harris and Catherine Lang-Cline have been nominated for the prestigious NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) Visionary Award! Nominees are professional women business owners in Central Ohio who have made notable contributions to their communities, their industries and to the professional women's objectives that improve the quality of life and business. The winner will be announced at the 12th Annual Visionary Award Luncheon on July 9th, 2009 at 11 am at the Westin Great Southern. This celebration of the finalists' accomplishments will be emceed by NBC4’s Colleen Marshall.  All members of the Central Ohio business community are invited to attend. Read the full press release at Congratulations Catherine and Kristen!