#SheMeansBusiness Presents: Women at Work

Recently, Facebook stopped by our office to learn more about our Co-Creators, Kristen and Catherine, for their #shemeansbusiness series.

Watch the full video below!

Meet Our Team Series: Co-Creator, Kristen Harris

In the latest installment of our Meet Our Team series, we talk with Kristen Harris, one of our Co-Creators. Kristen, a CCAD alum, enjoys listening to podcasts, knitting, and of course spending time with her two dogs. 


Hey there! I’m one of the founders of Portfolio Creative. Back in 2005 Catherine and I had this great idea to connect creative talent and companies who needed them and decided we were the people to do it. I’ve had a couple of different careers (so far) but always seem drawn to work that involves creativity and solving problems.

Where am I from? Here. I grew up just outside of Columbus; my family is originally from Van Wert in northwest Ohio. I came to CCAD for college and, despite big plans to move “somewhere exciting”, never left. I’ve watched Columbus become that “exciting” place to live. It has been really fun to see our city change over the years–I remember when people called it a “cowtown” but now we’re on every “cool city” list imaginable.


My mornings usually start with a dog snuggled in bed, unless he’s whining for food because my husband is not already up. We have two dogs; Rusty’s a lab mix and Holly is a greyhound. I’m sure that you can see Rusty is not underfed, but he must have food before anything else can happen. After that, I get going with a little breakfast. I’ve been into matcha lattes lately or, when I’m feeling really ambitious, a scrambled egg and some fruit. If I’m meeting someone for breakfast that’s another story–bring on the yummy omelet or a Bizmark donut from DK Diner.


At work, every day is different which is part of what I love about my job. On any given day I might be meeting with internal team members, helping a client or one of our talent, connecting with someone in the community, or working on a new idea to make Portfolio Creative even better. I’m all about constant improvement and believe there’s always something we can make better! In general, I focus on the internal operations of our business; I love a good spreadsheet and get oddly excited about processes.

I’m mostly a tea drinker but do like to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I’ve been adding coconut milk instead of cream lately–it’s so delicious! When I need a brain break I put in earbuds and take a quick walk around Grandview Yard while listening to a podcast. Favorites include How I Built This, Revisionist History, Beautiful Anonymous, Balanced Bites, Boss Files, So Here’s My Story...okay, I listen to a LOT of podcasts.



Unless I have the occasional work event, at the end of the day I head home to Clintonville and catch up with my hubby and aforementioned dogs. The dogs take us for a couple of walks every evening; they treat getting us outside like it’s their job. Beyond that, downtime is spent reading, crafty things like knitting, other creative projects, or conjuring up new ways to help our clients and talent. I seem to get the best ideas when I’m thinking about something else!

Columbus Pink Slip Party 3/4/09

Networking meets cocktail party. You may have heard of this new phenomenon, "Pink Slip Parties", where recently unemployed or fearful-of-being unemployed people have the opportunity to mingle with recruiters and employers. Already happening in other cities, Columbus is about to host it's first version Wednesday March 4th at Confluence Park. Tickets available here, it should be good for general networking although I'm still a big fan of focusing on your targeted industry first.

Greenspot Annual Report

Portfolio Creative Staffing is registered as a Greenspot business, a City of Columbus environmental initiative. When we joined there were less than 200 businesses registered, now there are over 900! Part of the deal is that we will work toward goals and improvements in several key areas for our business, then file an annual progress report to show how we're doing. We just completed our report and a few highlights are below... Key accomplishments for 2008: Sharing information about Greenspot with neighboring businesses and employees; buying as many recycled office supplies as possible; increased electronic communication to reduce paper usage; recycling paper, cds and other office materials; using drought-resistant plants in our landscaping; converting to more energy-efficient light bulbs; turning programmable thermostats down or up by a few degrees. Goals for next year and beyond: Create and display an environmental policy; post requirements for becoming a Greenspot business; audit and track waste and utility expenditures to see what effect the changes are making; get as close as we can to being a paperless office; encourage more green travel and commuting, especially finding options in our not-so-commuter-friendly city. Our challenge to you: The biggest surprise (for me) about running our business in a more environmentally friendly way is that most of the changes we make also save the company money. Or at least it's a wash. The impression seems to be that it's too expensive to be environmental. Yes, some renewable energy and green products are very expensive, but there are many options that are not. It's all about making choices, and we think doing something is better than nothing. We challenge you to make one recognizable change this year, and become a Greenspot member if you aren't already.

Agora V, this weekend!

Portfolio is proud to be sponsor of this fantastic creative event! Held at Junctionview Studios on Grandview, Agora is an event that brings artists and art patrons together to celebrate Central Ohio's diverse and talented creative community. Agora guests have the opportunity to view and purchase hundreds of works of art, wander through fifty working artists' studios, and watch performances by dancers, musicians, and theatre groups. Attend the preview night Friday, October 17th or the main event on Saturday night.