Illumination Bureau Podcast


Kristen and Catherine have started a podcast! Click here to learn more about the Illumination Bureau podcast.

Episode #1: Know Yourself

Think your career path is already charted? Think again. Kristen and Catherine talk about getting to know the real you, your strengths, your weaknesses, and how that can lead to a career that you love.

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Episode #2: Personal Inventory

Do you have what it takes to get to the next step in your career or does that candidate have potential? Catherine and Kristen talk about potential and personal inventory. 

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Episode #3: Resumes 101

Your resume will only be looked at for about 6 seconds. Catherine and Kristen talk about what you need to have on your resume to get noticed.

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Episode #4: Even More Resumes

The "devil is in the details" of a resume. Kristen and Catherine give you tips to help to keep your resume from going directly to the trash.

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Episode #5: sending it out

How does your resume get to the correct person? Catherine and Kristen discuss getting your resume in the right hands to get you a real shot at your next job.

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You are way more connected than you think you are. Listen to some of the strategies you can use to connect to the right person in a job search.

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Episode #6: Presenting your work

There are so may ways to present your portfolio, which one is the best for you? We are talking about the strategy of a great portfolio and how to show yourself in the best light for the job that you want. 

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Episode #8: Getting an edge by doing research

In this podcast, we discuss how knowing more is better when it comes to applying for a job and being interviewed. 

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