Portfolio & Sparkspace Team Up to Offer Two Exciting Workshops

Portfolio and sparkspace announce a duo of workshops that will renew your hope in the future and supercharge your service at work. Both sessions are fantastic (we've personally attended them!). Combined, they become more powerful. The sessions are specially priced at $25 each or $40 for both. Register now through May 28th. Sparkspace workshops are designed to spark ideas, insight and inspiration. Join Chief Imagination Officer, Mark Henson, in making the world a more creative place to live, work and do business CREATING A POSITIVE CHARGE
Saturday, May 30th
Time: 10 am-Noon
Location: sparkspace in the Arena District
Cost $25 pp
Register Online Spend two hours with us and gain a fresh perspective by shedding the fear, pride and preconceptions that are holding you back from the future you really want. You'll learn just how powerful you can be and exactly what you will gain by discharging the negative mojo and creating a positive charge in your life. THE FIVE SPARKS OF SUPER SERVICE Saturday, June 27th Time: 10 am-Noon
Location: sparkspace in the Arena District
Cost: $25 pp
Register Online
Learn the five 'sparks' that will help you S-E-R-V-E your co-workers, customers, and clients in a truly world class fashion (the acronym holds the secrets: 5 letters, 5 sparks). Everyone is in a customer service role to some extent, whether they are working with clients or other team members. Applying the five 'sparks' will improve and energize those relationshiops daily!